Cecilia Calvo

Took the full shot before todays WOD and it was amazing I got the boost I needed without the jitters can\'t wait to keep..........


Susan Abelseth

it will kick your butt but get you going lol..........

Roberto Arguello

Dolce Shot, great taste,Zero calories and on top of that you feel the energy. Its great!..........

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Welcome to Dolce Shot

Dolce Shot is a concentrated, two-ounce energy drink formulated to stand apart as the healthy alternative to all other energy drinks. Dolce Shot is sugar free, non-carbonated, fat free and alcohol free. Our safe blend of B-vitamins and other nutrients contains no calories, no sodium and no cholesterol. With three great flavors to choose from, Dolce Shot is the best energy drink – and the best energy drink for you – on the market today.

"Real quality and energy derives from the purity of our ingredients and the science behind our formulation."

Caffeine, B vitamins and taurine are ingredients common to most energy drinks, providing alertness when blended together. Many shot products, including some that are sugar-free, make grand claims for their energy or healthy effects – Zipfizz, NOS, Rip It and 5-hour, to name just a few on a very long list. Despite promises, the fact is that most brands actually deliver an overkill of vitamins and an exaggerated amount of caffeine.

Years of careful chemical lab work launched Dolce Shot. Unlike other brands, Dolce Shot understands that your body is only meant to absorb and use certain amounts of caffeine, B vitamins and taurine – and in precise proportion to one another. Dolce Shot has calculated the optimum amount of every ingredient contained in each two-ounce bottle. We are extremely conscious of the best and safest balance of our active components, and have combined them to give you the right effect . . . not simply "any" effect that so many other brands offer.

We need food to provide energy, fuel our bodies and increase our capacity for mental and physical labor. Dolce Shot is just such a product, combining the right blend of critical ingredients:

  • Our clean caffeine triggers the natural release of adrenaline, which heightens alertness, overcomes headaches and wards off drowsiness.

  • While B vitamins are generally good, the startling truth is that only a certain amount of B vitamins is tolerable. Dolce Shot utilizes only the FDA-recommended dietary allowances of B vitamins, which are responsible for improved cognitive function, better metabolism, healthy skin, improved muscle tone and cell growth.

  • We use taurine, a naturally occurring amino acid linked to enhanced mental function, to improve both cardiac and respiratory performance.

Dolce Shot uses these three and other, integrated components to create energy and alertness . . . and to sustain both for hours and hours with each two-ounce shot.

Why Dolce Shot?

Dolce Shot sets the new standard for energy drink quality. If you want to experience a new level of energy and alertness, then Dolce Shot is for you. If you are concerned about your health and fitness, then Dolce Shot is for you. If you want great taste and great value, with none of the jitters or crash that so many other products cause, then Dolce Shot is for you.

No other energy-shot product is more sugar free. None is more fat free. None is more alcohol free. None contains fewer calories. None contains less sodium. None contains less cholesterol. None offers a better vitamin blend with less jitter- and crash-avoidance.

Dolce Shot is uniquely formulated to boost metabolism, increase endurance, quicken reaction speed, improve concentration and sustain high energy. Dolce Shot is vitamin-proportioned to avoid the bitter aftertaste and subsequent jitters or crash that characterize so many other energy drink products.

With its proper blend of nutrients and vitamins, Dolce Shot is available in three terrific flavors – Splash, a lemon-lime dazzler . . . Rise, a red-fruit punch . . . and Citrus, an orange zinger. Dolce Shot takes just moments to drink . . . each bottle is lightweight and easy to carry around . . . tastes great going down . . . and gets you going where you want to be!

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Dolce Shot is proud to be totally All American – all ingredients come from, and every stage of production happens in, the United States of America.